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About Probecom

Probecom is focused on manufacturing of high quality and cost-effective 0.9 to 4.5 meter antennas for the Very Small aperture Terminal (VSAT) marketplace , Flyaway antenna, SNG, TVRO are also Probecom popular products globally .

Probecom earth station antenna ranges from 2.4m to 16m antenna in C, Ku, X, Ka, X, S ,L band is Strengthened products. Especially Probecom customized antenna has been applied in many projects all over the world. Designing and engineering ranging from antenna parts of Feed & OMT, antenna system, to Satcom network are also Probecom Strength.

Probecom sophisticated technological antenna system products are world wide deployed for Satellite operator, ,Telecom operator, Broadcaster, VSAT service provider , Internet service provider, licensed service provider, Private network service provider, System integrator in government, defense, military, broadcast &media, rescue organization, enterprise, Oil & gas , financial & investment service , Shipping & Logistics , and VSAT user such as healthcare, Mining, Aviation, Call center, Education etc .

With the ISO9001 Quality Guarantee system, Probecom conduct strict quality control throughout the products design, development, manufacture, installation and service etc, faithfully ensuring the product quality.

Probecom has sophisticated facilities including Antenna Design Lab, Feed-System Lab, Antenna-Testing Center, Compatible Electromagnetism Test Center and a big Far-Field Range Antenna Test Center.

Probecom has the advanced design software and microwave test facilities, many patents and leading technologies. Also it has a large professional antenna production base about 15,000 square meters, holding nearly thousand facilities including many advanced production line.

Probecom exists to provide customer tailor-made service and exert all of Probecom working staffs’ utmost to facilitate customer’s work and serve to and beyond their satisfaction.

about Probecom

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