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Company Briefing
Probecom is renowned as the top leading provider of variety of satellite based broadband VSAT, broadcast and defense communication network solution with our own technical , engineering and support expertise. Probecom mission is to improve the core competitiveness , providing more qualified antenna and more efficient solution as well as to narrow the world communication gap , and bring the world much closer and more friendly.

 Focused and Dedicated
Probecom is renowned to be customer focused and quality oriented. Through our sharp market sense of customer needs and preferences, Probecom has been dedicated to providing Satellite
earth station antenna system , TVRO, Customized Products system intergration, Probecom has now developed VSAT, and Especially 3.7m,4.5m,6m ,7.3m, 9m, ,11.3m,13m,16m antenna operating at Ka, Ku, X, C, S, or L frequency bands have already played a top leading role in world antenna industry.

 Production Capacity
Covering 15,000 square meters, staffed with 200 workers , among which 30 experienced engineer dedicated in research and development. With ISO9001 Quality Guarantee Certificate, Probecom always consists of conducting strict quality control and management system throughout the products design, development, manufacture, installation and service, ensuring the superior product quality and customer satisfaction. Thoursands of sets of antennas has already been exported and installed and now They are working pretty well in Italy , UK, Portugal,Spain , USA, South Africa, Guinea, Mauritania, and South East Asia. Meanwhile ,Probecom has also developed a wide range of applications tailor made for special projects requested by our customers.

 Super quality
Incorporating strong and innovative R& D capability , utilizing sophisticated test facilities including Antenna Design Lab, Feed-System Lab, Antenna-Testing Center, Compatible Electromagnetism Test Center and a big Far-Field Range Antenna Test Center,equipped with the advanced design software and microwave test facilities , Probecom antenna system specification can meet FCC Regulation 25.209, IESS and ITU-RS .580-5, INMARSAT, ASIASAT, INTELSAT, APT and CHINASAT and RASCOM etc. Meanwhile, thanks to our strong R& D team , Probecome’s antenna has got many patents by making good use of the world advanced technology.

Win the market
Since establishment , Probecom's outstanding of the satellite based broadband VSAT and Satellite earth station antenna in the world  has become the leading provider to Broadcasters, Service Providers,GSM operators, Satellite operators, Military and Government Agencies, or Rescue Organizations at domestic market and abroad.
All our antenna products have achieved high recognition form our customers in satellite tracking, telemetry and command (TT&C) stations, satellite communication earth stations, SNG and TVROs. All our efforts have become the communication bridge in African continent, European continent , and American continent. And we will continue to strive for the leading world antenna solution’s goal-higher antenna efficiency , more broadband feed.

Customer’s satisfaction is Probecom’s measuring stick!
Probecom exists to provide reasonable pricing, outstanding tech-service and support, qualified products to support new and specific customer needs to afford our customers the best value in the business. Our representatives are always at customers’ disposal for a personal conversation. In addition our office staff will be of fully services to you by telephone, fax or email for customer’s inquiry , questions within 24 hours at working days! Probecom’s customer-tailored service will better facilitate you to fully satisfy your customer !
Probecom’s vision is to attribute to bring the world much closer with the most advanced antenna solution to make people communication much easier.




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