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Since establishment ,Probecom stands outs of the satellite based broadband VSAT ANDSatellite earth station antenna in the world, and becomes the leading provider to Broadcasters, service providers, GSM operator, satellite operator,military and Government Agencies, or Rescue Organizations at domestic market and abroad.

All our antenna products has gain high recognition form our foreign customers in satellite tracking, telemetry and command(TT& C) stations, satellite communications Earth stations, SNG and TVROS, All our efforts has become the communication bridge in African continent, European continent, and American continent. And we will continue to strive for the leading world antenna solution’s goal-higher antenna efficiency. more broadband feed.

Probecom 4.5M Earth Station  Antenna in Gabon

Probecom 4.5M Earth Station  Antenna in Gabon

Probecom 2.4M Earth Station  Antenna in EURO

Probecom 4.5M Earth Station  Antenna in USA

Probecom 6.2M  C  Band Antenna in Guinea

Probecom 4.5M Earth Station Antenna in Gameroon

Probecom 7.3M Earth Station Antenna in Gabon 


Probecom 6.2m Earth Station Antenna in Australia

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