1.Service principle:

Exert our utmost to provide customers with comprehensive service ,better solution for the best products and perfect our supply services to satisfy our customer most.

2.Excellent Services offered :

Market support : Recommending the most suitable and satisfying antenna products to customer with limited fund and answer any questions by customer at any time including market information, specification, integration, application and installation etc .

R & D services:

In depth understanding of raw material and process, strongly innovation and developing capability at customer's option , flexible application knowledge result in breakthrough products that exceeds customer's expectation .


After-sales services:

Our after-sales staff are always at customers' disposal for a personal conversation by telephone, fax or email after sale at any time within working hour. In addition our after-sales staff will take initiative to investigate the use of our products, and listen to the helpful marketing response as to improve our quality products to a higher level.

3.Customer Served :

More than ever, Customers need productivity, not downtime. Probecom service and support help minimize your system downtime and provide innovative leadership technology to meet your needs, regardless the size of your business. Probecom knows how to support it with comprehensive services, skills and experience. Thanks to abundant sales experience and strong technology support system , new markets are consistently expanded and sales network spreads worldwide .Probecom will continue to adhere to our service working principle to bring the most qualified products with more variety, excellent services to fulfill customer's new and specific demands !

What we provide to customers are comprehensive services And better solutions for the best products!

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